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Development of mediation in Armenia special project


From December 19, 2012 ADR Partners commences a special project entitled "Development of mediation in Armenia".

The aims of the project are:

  • Promote mediation development in Armenia
  • Demonstrate the efficiency of mediation 
  • Provide access to mediation to citizens
  • Increase legal awareness of mediation

In the framework of this project the mediation services fees will significantly differ from the usual ones. The first two hours of mediation will cost 5.000 /five thousands/ AMD, and each consecutive full or partial hour - 5.000 /five thousand/ AMD. In exceptional cases, when one of the parties is having hardship for payment or is insolvent, the above-mentioned amount can be set at 2.500 /two thousand five hundred/ AMD.

In the framework of this project mediations will be carried out during during weekdays at 19:00-24:00 PM, as well as during weekends. The project will last until April 10, 2013. For more information please contact ADR Partners by telephone +374 98881720 or via email